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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor — Stealth Horror Game

Version: 1.0
Size: 0.97GB
Author: tinyBuild
Language: English
Rating: 4.2
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Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor is a dynamic, colorful 3D horror game. It was developed by Dynamic pixels and published by the tiny build. The game was initially released on December 2018. The app version is available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can also play it on Microsoft’s Windows, Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation. The app is free and offers in-app purchases to unlock Act 2, 3 and the finale.

Features and Functions

You are cast as a young child who hears a scream coming out of his neighbor’s house. He sneaks into the house to find out what is wrong. His mind constantly poked at all the different possibilities, maybe someone is locked there or maybe someone has been murdered or some silly experiment has gone wrong.

The game consists of three acts and a finale. In the first act, the child goes to the house to investigate. He finds out what's happening in the basement but his neighbor catches him. In the second act, he solves different puzzles to flee back to his home. There is something interesting about both acts. If the neighbor catches the child before he could finish the goal, he will have vivid nightmares about his neighbor’s past. 

Act three and the finale are actually nightmares in the child’s head, but he is an adult now. 
He returns back to his old house which is in disrepair. The neighbor’s house is also in bad condition but you will go to inspect it. In the dream, he is back to the basement and has a young version of himself. He needs to protect that version from the attack of a giant shadow man. Every successful win reduces the size of the shadow. As the game ends the player will see a small house and neighbor locking the smaller shadow in a room.

You will have a brand new objective in each chapter, but you will not be guided. Sometimes you may even feel lost. So instead of stressing out, relax and observe the objects and environment. You are also required to stack and use objects to solve different puzzles. You need to be in stealth mode to avoid getting caught by the neighbor and have good analytical skills to play this game. 


The graphics design is colorful, dynamic and disturbing at the same time. Sometimes, you may feel that it lacks finesse. The choice of the first-person view is relevant as you feel fully immersed. Visual effects are also well done. The game uses natural sounds which does not spoil the creepy environment. Two most redeeming features of this game are the artwork and soundtrack which make the game interesting.
At the beginning of the game, you are guided by the instructions on how to play. The commands are easy to understand, just like any first-person shooter game. At the bottom left of your screen, there is a virtual joystick to allow you to move. There is a panel of four buttons on the opposite side to let you jump, interact, discard and pick objects. 

In terms of creativity, each level has a fixed solution. You need to figure out the exact method of doing different things such as doors to unlock or stacking blocks in a particular sequence. It might feel like a trial and error attempt. You will be frustrated many times while trying to solve puzzles.

In terms of entertainment, the game looked promising. However, the game fell short of its genre companions. 


Well, this page is all about finding out what happened in the neighbor’s basement. Once you sneak into the house, you need to solve different puzzles to lock the basement door. The game’s controls are easy to master but many times the directional controls work but buttons have no effect.

Though each act has a fixed solution, it is not an easy game. It takes multiple attempts, strategy and time to win. As you move forward, structural changes are being made to the house which keeps you interested in the game. However, its replay value is low.

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